Augustus and Eleanor

Augustus and Eleanor

Augustus and Eleanor

Update from adopter:
Hi there,
Wanted to update you about Eleanor and Gus. They are doing fabulous and love each other they just flop together on the dog bed lol with my dog. Luckily the meetings with the pets went great! My dog loves them and surprisingly Gus seems to actually like him a lot too. Eleanor of course is indifferent to the whole thing. She looks at him and then hops off. The cats are also indifferent however I think Gus think my grey and white kitten looks like him mom bc he follows him around. They’ve been out in the house hanging with us practically 80% of the time so are very happy. I’ve started the potty training and it’s going alright for the first day. They’ve used it about 70% of the time so better than I could hope. I am so thrilled about Eleanor though because my fiancé LOVES her! He just clicked with her right away bc she is so much like a dog and he grew up with dogs. He has already trained her to high five! She’s very smart… I’m so happy I found these guys I love them! Gus has really taken a liking to my lap while watching tv he grinds his teeth with contentment :).

Like both Etheline in Royal Tenenbaums and Eleanor in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (portrayed by the amazing Anejelica Huston)
this rabbit is a strong leading lady who has a clear path in life, she knows what she wants and doesn’t wait for it come to her, she
goes out and gets it! EETZ doesn’t care for gates getting in her way and moves them to the side (with a grunt) if possible so she can
go lounge behind a chair or under a table or just explore. She has jumped over other blockades if she feels they are in her way. She
is not above chewing on the random cord left within her reach and advises humans to cover their cords and/or keep them out of reach.
She reminds everyone there is an entire section on the website about rabbit proofing your house and she is not to be blamed for random
chewing, she is a rabbit after all.

She loves to hop about and feels if she must be kept in a pen that it be large to give her plenty of space to stretch and jump,
due to her large size she will need bigger quarters than some rabbits. Ideally she’d love to not be penned in so she can rule her
domain freely. 🙂

Because Eleanor has been shuffled around multiple times she requests that her next person fully understand the many nuances of
rabbits, and she is happy to discuss the specifics with anyone because she wants to be sure her next human is “the one”.

Due to her size and preference for sometimes chewing on things Eleanor will most likely be best suited to home without children.
If you’d like to meet this English Lop mix please contact her agent.

All Augustus wants for Christmas (of Hannukah or Kwanzaa…) is a home!

A small rabbit with a big name, Augustus was born 8/1/12* along with 6 siblings to Cleopatra (also adoptable now, as is his
brother, Dexter.His sisters need to wait a bit longer). He is learning to use his litter box and is a sweet little Hotot/Lop
mix (we think-he was born into a shelter and we don’t know who the dad is but Augustus and his brother, Buddy, have floppy

Gus will charm you but is a long commitment, 8-12 years, so he asks you consider quite seriously if you can commit to him
for his lifetime. He was born into a shelter but went in to foster care 8/3/12, stayed in one home for close to 4 months
but then had to move to another. He would prefer his next move to be to a forever home. 🙂

Gus would love to have a friend, and if you are interested in a ridiculous Lop duo you may want to consider Eleanor as well
(see adoptable female rabbits). They aren’t bonded now but easily could be and can be adopted for the bonded pair fee. He
had an adoption with another Lop lady lined up but it fell though at the last moment due to the human needing to move. If
you already have a single lady rabbit looking for a friend perhaps Gus is the one?