Bunny-Palooza 2016 – Adoptable Rabbits

Come visit our adoptable rabbits at Bunny-Palooza

Come meet some of the rescued rabbits that are being fostered by Rabbit Advocates volunteers and are looking for their “furever” homes. If you see a new rabbit in your future, please come over and meet these lovable lagomorphs; maybe they can find a place in your heart, and home.

Alyce is absolutely awesome and available! She’s large, eight pounds and some, yet still quite svelte. Note her classic white and pink styling, her fluffy fur, and cute big ears and feet. Alyce is smart and pretty. She likes to explore and is not shy about that. She is always very clean with her habits. She’s best suited to adopters who want a big bunny with rabbitude.

Cinnabun & SpiceCinnabun & Spice
Cinnabun and Spice were rescued from a garage sale (they were going to be set loose!). Cinnabun is an adorable Brown Holland Lop. She’s very mellow and friendly, and loves being petted. Spice is a very active and curious Houdini. He is also very friendly and loves attention. We think Cinnabun is between one and two years old, and that Spice is between nine and 12 months old. Cinnabun and Spice are a bonded pair. Right after they were spayed and neutered, Spice broke out of his pen several times to find Cinnabun and cuddle when they were supposed to be separated for some healing time!
Clara is a very sweet and friendly rabbit who loves to run full speed around the living room when she has the opportunity to play. She likes to explore and be on the go and would do well in a home with older children, and possibly other pets.

Little MissLittle Miss
When Little Miss was rescued from a rabbit farm, she was a ball of white, fluffy anxiety. Now, she is clever, curious, and eager to cautiously investigate new things. She is an A#1 periscoper and heavyweight world-champion flopper. Little Miss is quick to learn, quick to love, and would make a top-notch house rabbit for the right home.

Grace SlickGrace Slick (Gracie)
Gracie and her sister Mouse were rescued last summer when they were just a month or so old, and already running loose. She is used to being independent and in charge! She has unlimited energy, and rarely wants to sit still to be petted. Gracie will tolerate being held, and enjoys the attention, but she’s always happy to jump down and run around on her own! For the time being, she’d probably appreciate being the only bunny in the house.
Mouse and her sister Gracie were rescued last summer when they were just a month or so old, and already running loose. Mouse is a little more reserved than her sister, but is still very independent, playful, and energetic. She got along great with the other little rabbits in her foster home, until she got too old to play with boys! Now she prefers to play with people, and sometimes jumps into their laps, just for a moment or two, before she races off again.
In addition to the bunnies listed above, we’ll also have four brothers, now 5-1/2 months old, that were rescued when they were only a few days old. Clint, Sal, Auggie, and Jackie Blue have been neutered and are settling in to becoming young gentlemen. They need homes where they can get plenty of attention and affection.