Charlie Yamamoto

Charlie Yamamoto

Charlie Yamamoto

Meet Charlie Yamamoto, the cutest little fellow this side of Fuji-san!

Charlie found himself in the scary outside world somehow all by himself and was rescued by big-hearted people who spied him near a pond. At first they thought he was a duck (what other cute fluffy creature would be hanging out by a pond?) but as they approached they realized he was a young rabbit who needed to be brought to safety! Charlie is very thankful for his rescuers and they enjoyed having him but knew there large dogs and 2 cats weren’t the best fit for this young fellow.

He startles easily around dogs but can* put up with one who knows how to coexist with a rabbit. He may be ok with friendly cats, but his exposure to cats has been limited thus far.

Charlie is a sweet, energetic, fun, funny and of course adorable rabbit! He does some fabulous binkies (jumps) and fast dashes about the room! His foster home and vet guess he is about 5-6 months old at this point. We do expect him to grow a bit bigger but he has stayed roughly the same size for the past month so he may be close to his adult size.

Charlie would love to find a home where he could have a rabbit friend if that is in the cards, but he is just as happy being the sole recipient of all your attention! 🙂

If you would like to find out more about Charlie or arrange a meeting please be in touch. Act fast! We don’t expect it to take long for someone to see how wonderful he is!

*Charlie shows strong signs of preferring a dog free home, or at least a dog free room to call his own.


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