Dexter & Esmeralda

Dexter & Esmeralda

Dexter & Esmeralda

We are pleased to introduce a jazz and country/folk great all rolled into one small package of incredible cuteness! At just 4 months old Dexter is eager to find someone who wants to go the long haul with him. Born into a shelter 8/1/12 with his 6 siblings he was quickly placed into foster care. He stayed nearly 4 months with his siblings and Mom in one home but then had to move to another foster home, he was thought to be a she at this time and was happily hanging out with his Mom and sister but when the jig was up he had to be separated. Being single is a bit lonely so he would love to find a rabbit friend (though it’s not mandatory it is a bonus for him), as well as a human friend but he will need a lot of attention right now as he transitions from baby-dom to toddler-dom to adolescence-dom. Yes, he knows that isn’t a word, but what do you want from a young rabbit? He’s just trying to get by in this big world, you know?

If you are looking for a rabbit companion for many years to come please consider Dexter! He will do great in a relaxed home that allows him to explore his surroundings and gives him time to adjust and understands that, as cute as rabbits are, they come with a lot of responsibility and are huge commitment. To find out more or go over the cool syncopation of rabbit care please contact:

Esmeralda’s human sadly must find a new home for her due to health issues. She was adopted from OHS and is a spayed 4 yr old lady. Though she has displayed territorial tendencies in her previous home she may want a partner eventually, but it would depend on the partner. She tried sharing her life with a younger Lop fellow for a bit but she decided he wasn’t her true love and sent him packing… If there are current rabbits in the house she would need to meet them prior to moving in to see if they would be ideal roommates. She may just prefer to be single lady though, staying up late and watching Mad Men with a pretend cocktail (water, stirred not shaken, hold the olive).

With her people Esmeralda loves to play and seeks attention by running up and then away, instigating games of “chase”, and thumps if nobody pays attention! She requests that anyone interested in adopting her realize that she is attached to her belongings and wants to bring them with her (her cage, litter box, toys, etc) but that her cage is intended for when her people are away and when they are home she demands to spend time with them. 🙂 She likes the usual veggie line up (rabbit safe goodies like cilantro, parsley, bits of carrot, etc) and lots of timothy hay.

She loves to chew, on pine cones or other chew toys and blankets, towels or other things that are fun to burrow in are nice ways for her to get in touch with her primitive rabbit ancestors. 🙂

If you would like to learn more about Esmeralda or set up a time to meet her please contact her foster person by emailing: Please fill out your pre adoption application prior to arranging a meeting. Thank you! 🙂

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