Marco and ChaCha

Marco and Cha Cha

Marco and Cha Cha

Need a button sewn on… a pair of pants hemmed?

Then these are the buns for you!!!

Tailor* Marco and his reliable assistant Cha Cha will have you fixed up in a jiffy!

This bonded pair of Dutch bunnies will win your heart!
Marco (gray & white) is a 6 year old sweet gentleman who loves Cha Cha, lots of pets and room to hop about and yummy hay and veggies. Cha Cha is about 2 years old and loves hopping side by side with Marco, munching on hay, and interior design. Both rabbits could use a little diet and hope their new home will spoil them with love but not with too much food. 🙂 Marco and Cha Cha were happy in their adoptive home but a medical emergency for their human has caused them to search for a new home.

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*rabbits do not actually sew but are willing to model for photo shoots :

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