Mr. T

Mr. T

Mr. T is quite easy going. He’s amenable to being picked up and carried around, or sitting on your lap while watching movies. When he get antsy and is ready to be put down to hop around, he will nip (not bite) at your hand to let you know. He likes to chew on and burrow into small towels and he loves veggies snacks: carrot pieces, parsley, looooves lettuce, a little broccoli) and he also loves Apple Flip rabbit treats.

He is really well potty trained, he never pees outside of his litter tray and at this point almost all of his poops end up in there too. He loves to just a hop around a room and explore, he doesn’t hide or chew on anything, including cords, that I’ve seen. When he’s really spunky he lets out some really high kicks! He doesn’t have to be chased to be picked back up to go in his pen. He hasn’t been directly introduced to cats but he has seen them from a distance. When they’ve gotten close he will thump to scare them away. I think he could potentially get a long with cats with careful introduction though he seems a bit scared of them now.


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