Picasso is a an even-tempered larger dwarf with a resilient personality.

Picasso is developing into a real “cuddle bunny.” He apparently behaves at the vets and is really on the path to trusting humans. For a lil’ guy caught with a net- he is a bunny who wants to be indoors.Picasso, likely abandoned, was rescued around May first in Oregon City by a family of dog owners. They did an exceptional job as a rescue family.

Picasso was probably bred in the hopes of getting a tiny Hotot with Lionhead ears. Instead, they got a brave rabbit with uneven markings and cute ears. He is a true dwarf, but on the larger side. His age is probably 1 year and a half.

I immediately liked Picasso for his personality. Considering the fact that he had been deliberately set free (we believe) and spent time in a new home, he was composed and allowed some cuddling.

Since then, he has been good with the litter box, chewing on his edible basket, eating hay and showing good appetite. During the day, he may want to hang inside his basket, but as the day goes on he will want to come out and explore. The night before I wrote this bio he thoughtfully explored my living room and did some bunny stretches. We have had purring, and he has been very snuggly. I haven’t seen any cord chewing- but that’s why I invest in a yummy basket.

Picasso is neutered and available to a good home. He may work as part of a pair.

Contact: pamelaquinlan@msn.com

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