Raleigh & Rosie

Raleigh and Rosie

Raleigh and his new rabbit love, Rosie

who : RaleighQuimby Pettygrove
what: esteemed rabbit of the best manners, amiable and of a lovely disposition
when: born approx March 13th, 2010. Raleigh will be turning 3 soon!
where: currently staying as a guest in NE Portland, hoping to find his permanent home soon.
why: Raleigh was much loved in his previous home and got along with a cat friend and a 7 year old. Due to housing
difficulties Raleigh found himself in foster care. He has always been an indoor house rabbit and wants to stay that
way. He would love to find a lady rabbit friend if at all possible but mainly he just wants a home where he can be
loved and can hop about and explore. He is a darling fellow who deserves a great new home

Contact : tiahrabbit@yahoo.com

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