Health and Care

House Rabbit Society
HRS is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care. This site belongs to the national chapter of HRS and should be your first stop when looking for rabbit info on the web.

Small Animal Health Series
By Susan Brown, DVM Midwest Bird & Exotic Animal Hospital

H.A.R.E., Inc.
Care and medical articles including articles on GI stasis and head tilt.

Bunny 201
By Georgia House Rabbit Society; nicely formatted reference, including photos and x-rays.
Maintained by a Swiss biologist who aims to provide the most current rabbit medicine information available.

Charky & Ash’s Web Site Rabbit References
Bunches of reference links on health and care. Also other interesting rabbit links.

Lost and Found Pets

Oregon Humane Society

Multnomah County Services

The Internet Lost and Found

Lost and Found Pet Listings at Dove Lewis

Other Interesting Sites & Blogs

I Love my House Rabbit

The Integrated Animal
TTouch for your rabbit or other pet. Enhances your relationship with your pet, improves health and behavior, and increases your pet’s willingness and ability to learn.

rescue glamour shots
Provides free items with pictures of rescued rabbits and other petite rescued animals that can be downloaded and printed to help bring attention to the rescues and the animals they rescue.

Info on house rabbits… plus …
HopperHome Bunny Blog
Pet news, health and well-being; best way to find rabbit articles is to do a search
Clicker training for rabbits
Travelling with your pet

My House
Dedicated to celebrating house rabbits and providing useful information on rabbit care and behavior.

Barney and Jemima’s House Rabbit Homepage
Barney and Jemima the house rabbits share pictures and their diaries; also information on living with, looking after and understanding rabbits.

Disapproving Rabbits
Rabbits in various states of disapproval.
Community for rabbit lovers; webpages, forums, blogs, contests, more.

Japanese site featuring Oolong and Yuebing / Oolong photo album

Operation Roger…Truckers Pet Transport
Organization that transports, through the use of volunteer commercial truck drivers, lost, abandoned, rescued, or left behind pets to new protective homes nationwide.

Pet Travel Resources
Resource list for traveling with pets

The Language of Lagomorphs
What Your Rabbit is Saying and How to Speak Back

Pet Friendly Portland
celebrating how we live and play with our pets in the Portland Metro area.

Oregon and Washington Shelters and Rescues / Adoptions

Oregon Humane Society / Portland, OR.

Zen Rabbit Rescue / Portland, OR
A Private Rabbit Rescue – Our goal is to help rescued rabbits find Nirvana

Bunnies in Baskets / Portland, OR.
Rescue, foster, adopt, and provide medical care to neglected, abused, and/or abandoned rabbits and train rabbits. for Animal Assisted Activities, Animal Assisted Therapy, and Human Animal Support Services.

Pet Rescue Groups of Oregon and Washington

Greenhill Humane Society / Eugene, OR.

Heartland Humane Society / Corvallis, OR.

Willamette Humane Society / Salem, OR.

Multnomah County Animal Services / Troutdale, OR.

Indigo Rescue & Adoption

Cat Adoption Team / Sherwood, OR.

Columbia Humane Society / St. Helens, OR.

Humane Society of Redmond / Redmond, OR.

Oregon House Rabbit Society

Rabbit Haven / Gig Harbor, WA.

Southwest Washington Humane Society / Vancouver, WA.

Other Rescue Organizations / Adoptions

Pet Finder

American Humane Association

Animal Rescue Foundation

Best Friends
zBrambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue
A not-for-profit all-volunteer domestic rabbit rescue organization and no-kill shelter.

Bunny Buddies, Inc. / Houston, TX
Dedicated to rabbit education, rescue, and adoptions. Check out the Lifestyles pages for some good housing ideas.

Bunny Bunch SPCR / CA
Los Angeles, Orange County, Pasadena, Inland Empire, Riverside County, Redlands, Northern California .

Chicago Chapter of House Rabbit Society
A variety of articles; has a good care packet suitable for printing

Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary / SE Michigan

House Rabbit Network

Massachusetts Chapter of House Rabbit Society
Has a good care packet suitable for printing

New York State Chapter of House Rabbit Society
Has a good care packet suitable for printing

Pet Save Foundation / Southern CA

Rabbit Haven / Santa Cruz, CA

Rabbit Match / Los Angeles, CA

Rabbit Rescue, Inc. / Los Angeles, CA

Rabbit Welfare Assoc. / United Kingdom

RabbitsNmore / Pacific Grove, CA

Rabbit’s Rest Sanctuary

Red Door Animal Shelter / Chicago, ILBunny bonding their specialty. Rabbits are spayed/neutered, vet-checked, litterbox trained and microchipped. Rabbit care articles.

Save A Bunny
Mill Valley, California near San Francisco.

TRACS – The Responsible Animal Care Society
Kelowna British Columbia.

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy
Vancouver, British Columbia

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue

Rabbit Graphics

Clip art, animated graphics, web page graphics.

CanStock Photo
Small Animals Graphics Pages
Bunny Graphics


When medical problems arise, always call your vet! Never use vet sites as a substitute for veterinary care.

Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine
This site has an article called ?Is Your Bunny Healthy? that describes how to give your bunny a physical exam. The article also describes common rabbit health issues.

AAHA Healthypet Home Page

American Veterinary Medical Association Online

NetVet Veterinary Resources / The Electronic Zoo

Mailing Lists / Online Communities


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