Hello/Klahowya. My name is Sterling Xavier Tomanowos. I was found as a stray in Clackamas. Some nice people took me and
another rabbit in (he is possibly my son, we have matching noses and little white line on our foreheads) when we showed
up on their deck Thanksgiving day, soaked and shivering. They put us together but we got in a fight, probably because we
were both really hungry and also we’re both boys, you know (two males often get into arguments, every rabbit is different
so while it is possible for two males to bond it isn’t as common as a male/female pairing)…

Anyways, guess what? They took care of us and got in touch with Rabbit Advocates to help us find a safe new home. In honor
of where and when I was found my last name reflects the Native American Clackamas tribe. My first name means “of high
quality, pure” and my middle name means “bright, splendid” and “new house” depending on which origin you go with. I would
like a new house and I am of high quality wonderfulness. 🙂

I already have a nickname, too! It’s Tumtum, which is Chinook Jargon for heart/heartbeat. Or even Skookum Tumtum
(Big heart-loosely translated). Because I have a big heart and hope you do, too, and can consider adopting me. 🙂
Thank you/Mahsie.

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