The 12 Days of Bunnies

Ho-ho-ho! We’re featuring some of Rabbit Advocates‘ adoptable rabbits during this most wonderful time of the year, to help them find a home not just for the Holidays, but a “furever” home for every day. We’ll feature one new bunny (or bonded pair) each day through New Years’ Day. Please visit our Web Site for more information about these and our other adoptable rabbits.

Day 12 – Clarence and E.B. White

Clarence White and his brother, E.B., are beautiful ruby-eyed New Zealand mixes. They and their five siblings are part of a surprise litter that appeared at their foster home a month after their mother and four 3-day-old brothers were rescued. Clarence and E.B. are the only boys in their litter; they had already started to bond before they were neutered, and have become even better friends since. They enjoy playing with each other, and generally snuggle close when sleeping. Click here to find out more about Clarence, and here to find out more about E.B.

Day 11 – King Forrest

King Forrest is a brother to Leo Blue and the rest of the “Freeway Five”. King Forrest is a solemn guy who likes to explore. He enjoys petting and cuddles. His foster mom would like to find him a bond mate in his new “furever” home. Click here to find out more about King Forrest.

Day 10 – Bonny Bunny

Bonny ran loose and wild for a year or more in a Portland neighborhood, bearing at least two litters before she was rescued, and one more after she arrived at her foster home! Bonny is a friendly but independent bunny who much prefers to be petted by adults rather than poked by children. Now that she’s not a full-time mom, she enjoys having the freedom to roam about the house and explore her surroundings. Click here to find out more about Bonny Bunny.

Day 9 – Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse was only about 3 months old when she was rescued after having been abandoned and running loose for weeks, living in and underneath a dirty, crowded shed. She’s a small (4 lb.), beautiful Himalayan who’s been living in her foster home for almost 18 months, waiting for a bunny parent who can accept her skittish behavior and help her break out of her shell. Click here to find out more about Minnie Mouse.

Day 8 – Mandu

Mandu is Korean for “dumpling”. This darling little dumpling is a little shy around strangers, but as soon as he warms up to you he is loving, calm, and very patient. Click here to find out more about Mandu.

Day 7 – Robyn & William

Robyn and William are a bonded pair of beautiful, mature Californians. They adore each other, but can be a little skittish around humans until they warm up to you. They’re in the prime of life, and hoping to find a peaceful home to live out their golden years. Click here to find out more about Robyn, and here to find out more about William.

Day 6 – Leo Blue

Leo Blue and his four siblings were rescued between a highway and an off-ramp when they were just a few months old, and were dubbed the “Freeway Five”. Leo Blue is the biggest boy, and a happy, cuddly guy who loves to “read” paperback books and remodel his cardboard castle. He’s looking for a forever home with a special bunny mate. Click here to find out more about Leo Blue.

Day 5 – Joey & Teddy

Teddy and Joey are a cute bonded pair of older boys who will binkie their way into your heart. They’ve been together through a lot of adventures and are ready to settle into a loving home. Click here to find out more about Joey, and here to find out more about Teddy.

Day 4 – Little Miss

Little Miss spent two years or more as a breeder on a rabbit farm, and came to us scared and sick, but she’s tough as nails and a survivor! She is clever, curious, and eager to cautiously investigate new things. She is an A#1 periscoper and heavyweight world-champion flopper. She does fine with the two cats in her foster home. Little Miss is quick to learn, quick to love, and would make a top-notch house rabbit for the right home. Click here to find out more about Little Miss.

Day 3 – Morey & Shirley

Morey & Shirley are a bonded pair who may be mother and son. Morey was smaller than Shirley when they were rescued last May, but he’s grown up into a handsome young man. Both bunnies are friendly, but Morey is usually too busy exploring to sit still to be petted. Shirley needed to have her teeth trimmed after she was rescued, but has not had any problems since (knock on wood). Click here to find out more about Shirley, and here to find out more about Morey.

Day 2 – Chip

Chip is a young energetic bunny who enjoys having lots of free time to run and roam. He is full of adventure in a little package, and there’s never a dull moment with this little guy. He is shy around new humans, but with patience and time together he warms up in no time. Click here to view Chip’s full profile.

Day 1 – Silvertoes

Silvertoes is a super-sweet, super-soft, super-friendly young adult. Orphaned at three weeks, he’s grown up with constant human attention and interaction, and considers himself “one of the guys” with both humans and other rabbits. He’ll jump in your lap (briefly) for pets and attention before jumping back down to explore his domain. He’ll spend LOTS more time with you if you invite him up on the couch with you, or if you can get down on the floor with him. Silvertoes is just under a year old, so he has plenty of energy for play, but he’s not a wild and crazy rabbit. Click here to view Silvertoes’ full profile.