Ode to Thumper Bumper

Beloved Snowman
January 1, 1995-September 23, 2004

Oh Bumper!
How do I say goodbye to you?
I feel as though I've loved you all my life.
You were the best friend anyone could ever have!
Thank-you for being such a great friend!
Loving, kind, affectionate, funny, generous, and smart.
What qualities have I missed about you?
Please remember that I loved you from
The very first moment that I laid eyes on you
At The Winnipeg Humane Society
November 28, 1997--
And I will love you
'Til the day that I join you--
Godspeed safely to Heaven, my love.
My dear one,
Your bells have rung loudly and clearly
Every day for the past seven years.
You know I love you.
I know that you love me.
Please say hello to Poochie & Bidsey,
Thumper & Timothy, Whitey & Browney,
Snowy and all the other animals--
I love you, my dear fellow,
My sweet Reepicheep!*
Rest in peace...
I'm sorry, eternally sad that
I didn't get to hold you
At the end, but grateful that
Your Dad held you and helped you to go
Peacefully to your next life--

Loving and missing you forever-Emily & James Stuparyk

*term of endearment for Bumper; Reepicheep is a very brave mouse in Chapter 16, Farewell to Shadowlands, from the book by C. S. Lewis entitled "The Chronicles of Naria".