Tyra and Riggs

Tyra and Riggs

Tyra is an 18-month-old, ~10 pound Flemish mix, and her best friend Riggs (full name Tim Riggins) is a 1-year-old, ~5 pound Lionhead mix. Their favorite activities are snuggling, eating, and exploring. Both eagerly hop over to you to ask for treats if they think you have some, and Riggs is happy to sit on your lap getting some good pets. Tyra prefers to keep her paws on the ground, but she is still very sweet.

Tyra has done well in a household with other pets before, but Riggs gets a little territorial when he sees Tyra with animal friends who are not him, so as a pair they may prefer to be the only pets in the house. Both Riggs and Tyra have fantastic litter box habits.

Contact emmo42@gmail.com for more information if you’re interested in adopting this awesome pair.

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