About our program

About the Rabbit Advocates foster program

Rabbit Advocates does not operate our own shelter; instead, we have a network of private foster homes. The more qualified foster homes we have available to help, the more rabbits we can save and re-home where they will be loved and very much wanted.

Rabbit Advocates foster homes are considered to be the owners of their foster rabbits and, therefore, are completely responsible for each rabbit’s socialization, food, medical care, and adopted family.

Sometimes rabbits simply need a calming period to learn to trust humans again. Other times, they require medical care until they are well enough to adopt out. Our foster parents spend time socializing and caring for rabbits so that they can once again enjoy the companionship of humans and become adoptable.

We hope you will study the material on this page, and then decide to become a foster home so that you can help us adopt rabbits to indoor homes where they will be loved and treasured as members of the adoptive family for their entire lives.

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