Adoption Steps

How do I find a forever home for my foster rabbits?

If you love rabbits, you will naturally enjoy having a foster rabbit in your home — and it’s also natural to feel sad when it’s time to adopt out the rabbit or for the rabbit to return to a shelter for adoption. But helping save the lives of rabbits by preparing them to find forever homes is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

The adoption process can be simple and quick, though usually it requires some time and effort on your part to match your foster rabbit with a compatible and loving home. Typically, it involves:

  • Online posting of a photo and description including the Rabbit Advocates Adoptable Rabbits web page, Petfinder, and Facebook pages. Don’t worry if you’re not technically adept; we can help you do this!
  • Bringing the foster rabbit to adoption Outreaches and other adoption events.
  • Posting flyers in pet-friendly locations.
  • Tip: To create printable flyers from Petfinder listings, go to the Petfinder flyers page, enter our Shelter ID ( OR08 ), select the desired formatting options, and click GO. You may need to experiment a bit.
  • Networking with people who might want to consider your foster rabbit as a pet.
  • Providing educational materials and coaching to a new adopter, if the adopter is not experienced with indoor pet rabbits.

Adoption Application & Adoption Contract

All potential adopters must complete an Adoption Application, which will help you assess their suitability as an adoptive home for your foster rabbit.

An approved adopter also must complete an adoption contract (sample adoption contract), which you will customize with your own name and contact information.

You are required to collect at least $35 in adoption fees, and you may keep the fee for yourself or (if you wish) donate it to Rabbit Advocates.

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