Re-homing your rabbit

Re-homing your own rabbit: Being a Rabbit Caretaker

Rabbit Advocates foster homes and local shelters are in such demand that they could be temporarily full and unable to take in more rabbits. A Rabbit Caretaker is a person who can no longer keep his/her rabbit but is willing to temporarily house the rabbit until a new home is located.

If you feel you must give up your rabbit, we urge you to first consider the information in Finding a Home for Your Rabbit. Please do not abandon or dump your rabbit, as this is inhumane and it’s a crime. (If you find a dumped rabbit, please see Dumped/Stray Rabbits Procedure for advice.)

If you still wish to give up your rabbit, but are willing to house it until space is available in a foster home or local shelter, you can become a Rabbit Caretaker. Your willingness to be a Rabbit Caretaker enables us to do a better job of helping rabbits without overburdening our foster homes and local shelters, and makes it easier to find your rabbit a suitable new home.

If you sign a Rabbit Caretaker Agreement, Rabbit Advocates will:

  • Assign a Rabbit Advocates volunteer to assist in re-homing the rabbit. The volunteer will:
    • Make a home visit to determine the rabbit’s adoption potential;
    • Determine what kind of adoption criteria would be acceptable to the Rabbit Caretaker;
    • Be the contact person for potential adopters, provide information about the rabbit, and review applications;
    • Stay in touch with the Rabbit Caretaker, and forward recommended applications to them.
  • Display the rabbit’s photo and text on Rabbit Advocates Adoptable Rabbits and Petfinder web pages.
  • Sponsor adoption outreaches for the rabbit to attend.
  • Provide educational materials to the new adopter.

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