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OUR PURPOSE is to promote the welfare of domestic rabbits.

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Rabbit Advocates Volunteer Contract

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*Will abide by the policies and procedures of Rabbit Advocate organization
*Intend to contribute time and energy towards Rabbit Advocate goals
*Will participate in meetings and volunteer activities
*Will not breed rabbits
* Will not abuse or neglect any animal
* Will demonstrate courtesy and respect to others and a willingness to learn from them
*Have submitted true and accurate information on the volunteer application document

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Consent & Release

I understand that my participation in any of the volunteer opportunities with Rabbit Advocates is strictly on a volunteer basis. Therefore, no insurance against bodily harm is provided for me. I agree to release Rabbit Advocates, a non-profit organization, its officers and directors, from any and all injuries, loss, damage, liability, claims cost and expense including legal fees incurred during my participation as a volunteer with Rabbit Advocates.

I have carefully read understand and agree with the contents of this document and I sign this document voluntarily.

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If volunteer is under 18:
As a parent/guardian I understand that my child volunteers at his/her own risk. I hereby grant permission her him/her to perform volunteer work with Rabbit Advocates.

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