Foster and Adoption Standards

As a rescue and educational organization focused on the welfare of domesticated rabbits, Rabbit Advocates strives to hold to high standards of foster care and placement into good adoptive homes.

All foster homes must complete training and a home visit, and we rely on them to continue holding to our high standards of care throughout their time as a Foster Care Provider. If you have visited a foster home and have concerns about the care or well-being of any rabbit, please let us know so that we can look into the situation. Email any inquiries or concerns to

The following are the guidelines that Rabbit Advocates holds to in regards to its foster and adoptions programs. These guidelines are subject to change.

Foster Care

  • Our Foster Care Providers are all volunteers (and we love them!)
  • All rabbits in our Foster Care System are housed indoors only.
  • All RA Foster Care Providers have submitted a Foster Application and completed one-on-one foster training.
  • All RA Foster Care Providers have undergone a home visit to ensure their fostering setup is adequate and their foster care is in accordance with the Rabbit Advocates Foster Care Guidelines.


  • All adopters must submit an official adoption application which can be found on our website.
  • All adoption applications are screened by our Adoption Counselors, who contact the applicants to discuss care and the adoption process, and who send approved applications on to the Foster Care Providers.
  • All rabbits are adopted to indoor homes ONLY.
  • All adopters must pay an adoption fee of $50 for a single rabbit or $75 for a pair. It is recommended that the adoption fee be returned to Rabbit Advocates for deposit in the medical fund.
  • All adopters must sign an official Rabbit Advocates adoption contract.
  • All adopters must receive a home visit, which is usually done when the Foster Care Provider delivers the rabbit to their new home.

We are always looking for new volunteers!

If you are interested in getting involved as a Foster Care Provider, please submit a Foster Application which can be found at

For any questions about our foster and adoptions system, or to inquire about volunteering as an Adoption Counselor, email us at or