Useful Tips for a Trip to the Emergency Center

As with any family member you may occasionally need to make a trip to the emergency room. To assist the veterinarian it is helpful to know a few things about your rabbit.

  1. A history of illness, including symptoms.

  2. Treatments given and any reactions.

  3. Baseline lab work (blood and urine) -- you can obtain these from your veterinarian.

  4. Current normal weight.

  5. Complete diet including date of when new foods were started and any reactions.

  6. Normal food and water consumption.

  7. Most pet owners know the normal urine and stool output of their pet, but it may be helpful to list them in case someone else brings in your pet.

Keep a map and telephone number of the emergency centers in your area near the telephone. Make a test drive to the center when there is no emergency so you know where you are going. It may be helpful to call the emergency center before you leave with an emergency so they will be expecting you. All of this may make the difference for your pet's well being.