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The Rabbit Advocates have many rabbits in their care that have medical issues requiring ongoing vet care or major surgeries and medications. Many of these special needs rabbits are not adoptable because of their medical problems and will remain in foster care for their lifetimes.

A few of our past sponsored rabbits:

Gus looking up

Augustus is a one-year-old white and grey lop-eared bunny who has been through a lot in his short life.  He’s been in two foster homes and one adoptive one.  Gus was returned to his foster home after he was attacked and bitten on the face in his adoptive home.  The bite caused an infection that spread throughout his entire body resulting in multiple abscesses along both of his sides and on his head.  This once handsome bunny endured multiple surgeries to remove as much of the extensive abscesses as possible.  After his initial surgeries, the abscesses came back resulting in even more surgeries.
To combat the aggressive infection from the inside, Gus is receiving two kinds of antibiotics. The after care for the surgeries on his head were the most intense for his foster parents, but all care requires skill, time, and specially compounded medications. His foster parents have shown true dedication.

Throughout this ordeal, Gus has proved to be a great fighter.  He is a spunky bunny who loves to eat and isn’t hesitant to let you know when he’s unhappy.  He thumps loudly when he knows someone is coming to pick him up for wound cleaning, suture checking or medication.  But he sits quietly on the lap of whoever is treating him and patiently endures the pricks and pokes.  He only gets very squirmy when the saline drips down his nose.  He loves to tuck his head under the chin of whoever is carrying him.  It is almost like he is saying he forgives you for all the poking and prodding.  Like many bunnies he loves his greens.  His favorites are cilantro and parsley, but he won’t say no to a carrot top.  He definitely lets you know when it is dinner time.

As Gus has been getting healthier, he is proving to be a great explorer.  He is curious and yearns for wide open spaces and great views.  He loves to binky about the living room and explore behind and under the furniture, but his favorite spot is atop the back of a couch.

Romeo is a beloved family pet who encountered a sudden medical problem and his family is struggling to meet the bill.  I can’t express enough how much this family of 5 kids love this bunny.  They all are so grateful and overwhelmed with the generosity from Rabbit Advocates and donors to save Romeo’s life. We thank all who generously donated for Romeo’s care.

AbbyAbby was a beautiful black and white lop who came to us with severe paresis and other afflictions. She required surgery and medications. Abby was still a happy and enthusiastic rabbit. She loved to eat and enjoyed the company of other special needs rabbits. RA thanks the following people for their generous donations: Anonymous Donors, Tana Sprague, Bronwyn Thompson, Monte Wagner, Cheryl Ann, Contessa Bonner, Ann Pino, Abbi Kern, Nicole Dobrin, Susan Easler

KlickitatKlickitat finally found a home after 3 years. Once there he became ill and it was soon discovered that he needed expensive surgery to remove a bladder stone the size of a quarter! Post surgery, Klickitat has a great prognosis with continued good care. Rabbit Advocates thanks the following people for their generous donations for Klickitat:   Anonymous Donors

RoscoeRoscoe is a big beautiful boy who needed surgery for a larges abscess. Thanks to his sponsors, he has had surgery, recovered, and has been adopted!Rabbit Advocates thanks the following people for their generous donations for Roscoe:   Anonymous Donors; Carl Dean; Lorraine Gilbert

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