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“The Rabbit AdvocateSM
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Winter 2017

A Place to Call Home
Fosters needed
BunnyPalooza 2018… Volunteers Needed!
2017 Holiday Gift Guide
Bunny Spa Days
Rabbit Advocate Wish List 2017
Upcoming Events

Summer 2017

15th Anniversary Edition
BunnyPalooza 2018 Planning Committee is looking for volunteers
Bunny’s Best Bites exceeds expectations
Handling Hay Allergies
Volunteer Profiles
Rabbit Advocates upcoming events 2017

Spring 2017

Munch, Munch…An Overview of Rabbits’ Teeth
When things don’t meet up: Dental Malocclusion in Rabbits
How to perform an at-home rabbit dental exam
An Overview of Rabbit Dental Disease
Letter from the President
Rabbit Advocates Events

Winter 2016

Let’s talk about pet rabbits…Bunnypalooza 2016 a grand success
Let Carolyn Paint It! Business established specifically to help animals
2016 RA Holiday Gift Guide
New location for RA meetings; Come join us for fun and sharing information
The Rabbit Advocate Wish List ~ 2016

Summer 2016

Bunny’s Best Bites has new location
Clover on the Moon
Welcome to the secret life of RA artists

Ingrid Bartlett
Dominique Chishti: Two Flower Photography
Lorraine Bushek: Paintings perfectly illustrate companion pet rabbit message
Cindy Faulk: Circular rescuing: receiving then giving, help
Leith Petwerks: “Only the best for your bunny”
Kiley Tanabe: Proof of the healing power of art
Mary Marvin: Returning to the art—and subjects—she loves
Sarah Funseth Baran: Creating miniature worlds
Jacki Gerdes: Hallmark’s got nothing on her

Welcome to Bunnypalooza 2016

Spring 2016

Help the medical fund continue… Bunny’s Best Bites needs your assistance!
Bunnypalooza 2015:

Mud Bay
John Akamatsu, Bunfectionary
Patricia Rubinelli, Photographer
Alice Liang, SS Bunny Imports
Jim Sorensen, Buxton Feed Company
Bunnies in Baskets

Come join us for Bunnypalooza 2016

Winter 2015

Rabbit Advocates volunteers thankful
E. Cuniculi common in rabbits / Prompt diagnosis, treatment relieves symptoms
Even when symptoms are mild, treatment still helpful
2015 Rabbit Advocate Holiday Gift Guide
The Rabbit Advocate Wish List ~ 2015

Summer 2015

And it’s all… thanks to a rabbit
“Bunny creep” means more rabbits and helping wherever there is need
Ex-sergeant Bob Sherman finds calmer life with his rabbits
Young volunteers join Portland creative scene, Rabbit Advocates
Bunnies Best Bites a cornerstone of RA; Hard-working volunteers make sure quality hay is avaliable
What are other ways to help RA?
Fifteen Years with Bunnies: The Evolution of a RA Volunteer

Spring 2015

Keeping the whole rabbit healthy; Former “alternative” therapies go mainstream
What to expect at an integrative health care appointment
Scientific examples of alternative therapies for companion animals
Tellington TTouch for Rabbits
Mr. Fluffy and Little Bunny Foo-Foo need – and receive – a little extra help
Laser therapy may speed healing, ease pain

Winter 2014

Snickers Gets a Sweet Life: How RA volunteers saved one little bunny
Bunny blessings prompt quiet reflection
New year promises many Rabbit Advocate activities
2014 Holiday Gift Guide
We now have a CafePress store
The Rabbit Advocate Wish List ~ 2015

Summer 2014

Get training!Learning is fun for rabbits and humans alike
Clicker Training 101
Try clicker training to challenge and build your rabbit’s confidence
Young volunteers and their rabbits delight through agility demonstrations
(Mis)Adventures in Clicker Training

Spring 2014

Many hands make light work…Groups, students help spread the word
Rabbitron takes message of pet rabbit care to the streets
Beaumont students creatively spread important messages about pet rabbits
Follow the trail…Taking care of a rabbit requires detective work
Litterbox Training 101
Help rabbits by shopping

Winter 2013

RA needs you… Spotlight on some who have quietly and consistently helped
Holiday Gift Guide
Rabbit Advocate Wish List
New Year’s Resolution for Rabbits

Summer 2013

Rabbits take the Web and Social Media by Storm
Rabbit Reading Room: Five Books with Rabbits as Characters
Rabbit Advocates remember John Mitchell
Moon Rabbit keeps watchful eye over earth
Rabbit parody ~ a tribute to beloved original song
Rabbits and Hares: ancient and modern symbols
Rabbit Advocate artist Lorraine Bushek educates through paintings
“Found” rabbit art delights

Spring 2013

Treating abscesses in rabbits requires multi-pronged approach
Whole Foods customer bag credit a big win for Rabbit Advocates
“Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month” celebrated
Oregon Humane Society recognizes rabbit-focused volunteer
Rabbit Advocates wins Petco award
Beaverton Pet Clinic clients give holiday gifts to bunnies

Winter 2012

Successful Adoptions: Improving Rabbits’ Lives, One Forever Home at a Time
Temporary Bunnysitter Becomes Full-time Rabbit Caretaker
A Home for Rabbit Rescues
2012 Rabbit Advocates Holiday Gift Guide
The Rabbit Advocate Wish List
Kindness Paid Forward to Save Bunnies

Fall 2012

Rabbit Advocates celebrates 10 years
Dare to Compare the Bonded Pair
Adopting an Already Bonded Pair FAQs
The Odd Couple: Life with Two Rabbits Who Refuse To Get Along
Finding the perfect pair is easy on RA website

Spring 2012

Greetings from the president
Pet trusts: Including rabbits in your estate plan
Rabbit Advocates rally to aid Little Bunny Foo Foo
Oregon Humane Society honors Rabbit Advocate volunteers
Bunny’s Best Bites; Five years, thousands of happy bunny tummies and hundreds of rabbits helped

Winter 2011

Older and healthyPet-sitter Primer
Holiday Gift Guide
RA Wish List
Bunnies in Baskets visit Rabbit Advocates
“I really like rabbits” young donor says

Fall 2011

The Rabbit Advocate presents the Health Issue
Anticipate bunny medical emergencies: Pet insurance and other options for funding rabbit health care
How to give medicinal Sub-Q fluids to a rabbit
Because you never know when a serious illness may occur, be prepared with an emergency bunny kit
Medical fund helps deserving rabbits
Medical help at your fingertips: Suggestions for your library and on-line searches

Spring 2011

2011 Year of the Rabbit: A Year of Creativity, Diplomacy, and Refinement
Rabbit Advocates need your help; here’s how you can help
Today, a Rabbit’s Life was Saved
What’s Breed Got to do with it? How Important Is the Breed When Choosing a Pet Rabbit?

Winter 2010

RA donation buys new rabbit kennels for shelter
Hoppy Trails: Safe Transportation for Rabbit Companions
Rabbit Advocates’ Third Annual Holiday Gift Guide
Rabbit Advocates wish list

Fall 2010

More Men with BunsToys bring out bunny’s playful side
Tellington TTouch finds global appeal
Rabbit Advocates logo merchandise

Spring 2010

Rabbit Advocates at 8 Years; Volunteers: We Need You!
Western Pet Supply outreaches a win for all
Bunny visit cheers, comforts ill woman
Rabbit Advocates logo merchandise
Be Prepared if an Emergency Strikes Your Home!
The medical fund needs you, stat!
BBB is moving
Rabbit Advocates in cyberspace

Winter 2009

Holiday Safety for Rabbit Households
Canadian rescue saves hundreds of bunnies
Birthday gifts go to bunnies
The Best Christmas Gift May Be the One Not Given
Second Annual Holiday Gift Guide
Angora rabbits celebrated

Fall 2009

Tips for training your rabbit to submit to, and enjoy, regular physical exams
Raccoon roundworm common in U.S.
Ancient treatment can help modern day bunnies – Acupuncture
Butters saved by her bunny godmother
Prevention the key to keeping your rabbit happy and healthy indicate
Take Immediate Action If Your Rabbit Stops Eating
Medical fund helps deserving rabbits

Spring 2009

Celebrate Easter with stuffed bunnies and candy
Diary of a rabbit rescue
What’s one more? Five bunnies now living happily in Bellevue
Bunnies… not just for girls anymore
BunSpace: boldly going where no bunny has gone before — the internet
Join the Rabbit Advocates for fun

Winter 2008

I’m Dreaming of a White Bunny Christmas
Rabbits on Chairs paintings
“Cooper” is the perfect name
Rabbit Advocates Gift Guide
Bunny Visitors Delight Seniors
Top 10 Reasons Big White Bunnies are Awesome Companions!
Adopt a White Bunny!

Summer 2008

Bunny Based Businesses Provide the Goods
Hillsboro rabbits enjoy life in new homes
Animal hoarding a misunderstood condition
Shop dropping’ leaves messages, art and animals behind
Your bunny, immortalized in art
Letter to the Editor
Local people win rabbit raves

Fall/Winter 2007/08

Giving Thanks
Sunshine’s Story…or how a reluctant rescuer made a big difference for one special rabbit
Garage Sale Success
Bunny Tips (Cleaning, Toys)
Birthday Fundraising Instead of Toys (John Langford)
Dear Rabby / “Poopy Butt”
“Bunny’s Best Bites” Hay Mix for Sale
Veg Fest 2007
Web Hopping / “Elvira”

Spring 2007

On the Road with the RA Outreach Team
Long Haired Beauties Require Special Care
The Story of Faith: A Bicillin Healing Experience
RA Volunteers Assist Hillsboro Police
Dear Rabby
“Bunny’s Best Bites” Hay Mix for Sale

Fall/Winter 2006/07

Medical Fund Buns say “Thanks”
Ten Tips to Keep your Rabbit Healthy and Happy
Hay Elves Invade Sherwood Shed
Kaitlyn ni Donovan, Musician and RA Volunteer
13 Rabbits Rescued from Beaverton Park
Seven Year Old Raises Money for Medical Fund
Clicker Train your Rabbit
Farewell to Brad Sypher

Summer 2006

Focus on Adoption: Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Top 10 Reasons Big White Bunnies are Awesome Companions!
Adoptable House Rabbits / A Little Extra Care / Doesn’t Anyone Want Me?
Top Reasons to Adopt a Rabbit
RA Volunteer Speaks at School
Keep Your Rabbit Cool in Summer Heat
RA Volunteer Participates in Reno Rescue
More Than We Bargained For!
Saving Sylvie

Spring 2006

Daisy May: A Survivor’s Story
Saying NO to the Easter Bunny
How to Safely Lift and Hold a Rabbit
Arts & Entertainment: Belinda Underwood, singer songwriter; Kem Sypher, photographer
On Shelter Volunteer Work
Rabbit Manure: Spectacular Natural Fertilizer
On Shelter Volunteer Work

Fall 2005

Helping Rabbits Live Happily Ever After…
Stories of Rescued Rabbits

Summer 2005

Tumbledown Finds Her Forever Home
Keeping Bunny Healthy: The ABCs of Hay
Making a Difference for the Rabbits
Cool Tips for a Safe Summer

Spring 2005

Easter and Rabbits: “Make Mine Chocolate!”
Special Rabbits, Special People: Caring for a Handicapped Rabbit
Don’t Let Me Go! The Story of a Rescued Rabbit

Winter 2004

Volunteers to the Rescue at Glendoveer Golf Course
Keeping Bunny Healthy: Geriatric Buns
Donations to the Medical Assistance Fund Helps Glendoveer Rabbits & More

Summer 2004

Garage Sale Fundraiser a Big Success: Rabbit Rescued on Sale Day
Keeping Bunny Mentally Stimulated
Kaninhop on the Internet
Meet the Vet: Chris Wilson
Napolean & Josephine, A Love Story
Keeping Bunny Healthy: A Look Inside Your Rabbit’s Ears

April 2004

A Salute to Our Volunteers
From Our Helpline
Getting in TTouch with your Rabbit
Meet the Vet: Donna Craig

January 2004

Out of the Hutch, Into the Home
Human – Rabbit Communication
Mr. B Speaks
Choosing a Rabbit Savvy Veterinarian
Pet Loss: Grieving, Healing, and Growing

Summer 2003

The Multi-Species Home
Insignificant Others
The Truth about Rabbits, Cats, and Dogs
Bunny Faux Paws: Common Mistakes We Make with our First Rabbits
Myxomatosis: What is It?
The Lake Oswego Rescue, or How I Spent my Summer Vacation

Spring 2003

Enjoy the Summer Sun & Keep Your Rabbit Safe
Rabbit Advocates Bring Educational Message to Pet Fair
A Happy Bunny Mom Writes
Summer Q & A
The Litter Box Detective

Winter 2003

A Honey for your Bunny
Bunny Love: Rabbits Know Best
Monthly Preventive Health Check
Fun and Affordable Bunny Toys
Rabbit Bonding Q & A

Fall 2002

New Non Profit to Benefit Companion Rabbits
Q & A for Bunny Parents
Living with a House Rabbit
Keeping Bunny Healthy: Nutrition
Lucky Lindy

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