Foster Agreement

As an officially-trained Rabbit Advocates Foster Care Provider I :

  • Understand that Rabbit Advocates is the legal owner of this rabbit.
  • Will provide proper nutritious food, water, adequate shelter, exercise and veterinary care for the rabbit in my care.
  • Will read the Rabbit Advocates Foster Care Guidelines and abide by them.
  • Intend to contribute time and energy toward placing the rabbit(s) into a permanent, loving home.
  • Will hold harmless the Rabbit Advocates, its volunteers and directors, for any injury or liability the rabbit may cause to me, members of my family, or any other person or property.
  • Assume all liability for damages to other persons or properties which may be caused by the rabbit(s) while in my care.
  • Will notify Rabbit Advocates if the rabbit(s) cannot be adopted due to medical or behavioral issues.
  • Will use the Adoption Application and an adoption contract when completing an adoption.
  • Will charge a minimum adoption fee of $35, or $45 for a bonded pair, when completing an adoption.
  • Will inform Rabbit Advocates when any of my foster rabbits have been adopted.
  • Will have the foster rabbit spayed / neutered prior to adoption and as soon as possible.
  • Will house my foster rabbit indoors and not release it to the outdoors.
  • Will not breed rabbits.
  • Will not abuse or neglect any animal.
  • Will demonstrate courtesy and respect to others and willingness to learn from them.
  • Agree to allow for home visits by an appointed Rabbit Advocates volunteer.
  • Have submitted true and accurate information on all documents.
  • Will keep my current phone number and address on file with Rabbit Advocates.
  • Will keep all personal information on adoption applications confidential.

Rabbit Advocates agree to:

  • Feature a picture and a description of the rabbit(s) on the Rabbit Advocate web page, as well as the Shelter Exchange and Petfinder web pages.
  • Offer access to potential adopters who have submitted adoption applications.
  • Sponsor adoption outreaches.
  • Offer support, when needed, during the fostering and adoption process.
  • Make available to potential adopters all medical and behavioral information.

I understand that my participation in any of the volunteer opportunities with the Rabbit Advocates is strictly on a volunteer basis. Therefore, no insurance against injuries is provided for me. I agree to release the Rabbit Advocates, a non-profit organization, and its officers and directors, from any and all injuries, loss, damage, liability, claims, cost, and expense including legal fees incurred during my participation as a volunteer with the Rabbit Advocates.