Can’t foster?

Can’t foster? How you can assist foster homes

If you cannot foster a rabbit yourself, we invite you to help our foster homes. We usually can find a foster home near you that has requested additional help. Here are some things you can do:

  • Help with pen-cleaning, grooming, or nail trims.
  • Socialize and play with the rabbits.
  • Run errands: pick up medications or transport foster rabbits to rabbit-specialist veterinarians.
  • Deliver foster rabbits to one of our outreaches and return them safely.
  • Drop off hay or deliver pellets.
  • Save and deliver a stack of newspapers (used for litter box liners and cleaning).
  • Shop for and donate rabbit-safe cleaning supplies (trashcan liners, white vinegar).
  • Deliver educational materials about adopting a house rabbit.
  • Donate to Rabbit Advocates Foster Medical Fund, which helps foster homes with medical expenses.
  • Donate supplies to be used by any foster home that needs them (see Foster home wish list below).

If you wish to provide personal assistance at a foster home, we ask that you apply to become an official Rabbit Advocates volunteer and pass a background check, in order to ensure the safety of the foster homes and their rabbits.

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