Foster Care Guidelines

Disclaimer:  The following care guidelines are the minimum for foster care situations, which are temporary.  When placing rabbits into permanent, adoptive homes, Rabbit Advocates encourages more beneficial care, including but not limited to much larger habitats.

The following Foster Care Guidelines must be met by all Rabbit Advocates Foster Homes:

  • Indoor housing.
  • Minimum habitat size will be dependent on the size of the rabbit. There must be room for the rabbit to move around freely. Habitats housing bonded pairs must be double the size.
  • Solid habitat floors.
  • Habitat safety: nothing sharp; habitat is sturdy and secure.
  • Habitat floors must be kept free of urine and excessive fecal material.
  • Litter box cleanliness: Whatever absorbent material is kept in the bottom of the litter boxes, there must always be clean hay on top, so that the rabbits are never stepping on excrement in their boxes.
  • Safety from other animals.

Rabbit Advocates strongly suggests that all foster homes:

  • Offer daily exercise.
  • Offer a high quality diet.
  • Offer frequent litter box cleaning.
  • Make an effort to attend Outreaches and make other efforts to find adoptive homes for their fosters.

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