What are the responsibilities of fostering a rabbit for
Rabbit Advocates?

  • Provide, food, water, and indoor shelter for your foster rabbit. Refer to our Foster Care Guidelines.
  • Be responsible for your rabbit’s care, and responsive to any changes in their behavior or health. Contact your Foster Coordinator if you think your foster rabbit might need to visit a veterinarian. Rabbit Advocates will pay for the cost of any required veterinary treatment.
  • Upon request, provide photos and descriptive text (including rabbit’s name, gender, physical description, and personality traits) for the Rabbit Advocates Adoptable Rabbits web page.
  • Arrange to meet potential adopters, and dedicate some of your time and energy towards placing the rabbit(s) into a permanent, loving home. Follow up with potential adopters referred by Rabbit Advocates’s Adoption Coordinators.
  • Transport, or arrange to transport, your rabbit to at least one adoption outreach each month.
  • Do not breed rabbits, or abuse or neglect any animal.

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