Rewards & challenges

What are the rewards and challenges of fostering and adopting?

Matilda and Elliot also were adopted

Matilda and Elliot were adopted following their debut at a Rabbit Advocates Outreach. Photo by their foster mom, Tiah Keever.

Fostering is a wonderful way to get to know rabbits better and watch them blossom under your care.

Fostering requires a real act of selflessness. Why? Because eventually you must give up your foster rabbits to forever homes, where they will get the one-on-one care they deserve.

Yes, giving them up can be emotionally wrenching, but knowing that you are doing what is best for the rabbit long-term is what it’s all about! Staying in touch with your adopters can lead to lifelong friendships and reassure you that your foster bunnies are getting the care they deserve.

Some foster providers end up adopting their own foster rabbits, but the real success for a foster parent occurs when you adopt out your little charge to a loving, well-prepared, forever home. (To adopt your own rabbit, complete the Adoption Application, just as any adopter would.)

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