About Us

Who We Are

Rabbit Advocates is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose volunteers specialize in educating the public about the care of domestic rabbits. We aim to place surrendered or abandoned rabbits in loving homes where they will be welcomed as family members. Formerly a part of the Oregon Humane Society, in 2002 we created a group solely devoted to promoting the welfare of domestic rabbits. The Rabbit Advocates operate an education and adoption website as well as a help line. We hold rabbit adoption outreach events and other activities at locations around the Portland Metro Area and hold monthly meetings at Humane Society for Southwest Washington, 1100 NE 192nd Ave., Vancouver, WA.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to promote the welfare of domestic rabbits.

Our Philosophy

We believe that domestic rabbits should be treated as companion animals, which means meeting both their physical and social needs. Our goal is to place rabbits in loving homes where they will be welcomed as family members and where they will receive ongoing social contact, plenty of space to play and exercise, proper food, proper shelter – preferably indoors – and medical care as needed. To accomplish this, education of the public and ongoing education of our group are our highest priorities.

We recognize that rabbit overpopulation is a serious problem and our volunteers do not breed rabbits or other companion animals. We promote adoptions of homeless rabbits from foster homes, shelters and rescue groups.

Board of Directors

Our directors are volunteers of diverse backgrounds who devote time to administrative functions of the organization, as well as many hours volunteering on behalf of the rabbits. Our current board includes:


Theresa Brennan, President
Tonie Young, Vice President
Mary Huey
Kem Sypher, Treasurer
Mary Thompson
Joan Gilbert
Kate Brownlie
Dr. Katrina Ramsell
Karen Anderson
Dr. Melinda Surrency
Emily Slocombe