Hay is the most important component of a rabbit’s diet.

A bag of delicious Bunny’s Best Bites hay

A bag of delicious Bunny’s Best Bites hay

Bunny’s Best Bites (BBB) is high-quality, locally-grown hays that pet bunnies love to eat. Rabbit Advocate volunteers select the hay and hand pack each bag.

We package three types of healthy hay (timothy, oat, and orchard) into 10-pound bags, which we call ‘BBB 3-Way.’ We also offer 10-pound bags of individual hays (timothy, or orchard, or oat, or alfalfa), which you may special order.

All profits from BBB sales go to the Rabbit Advocates Medical Fund, which helps pay for spays, neuters, and other veterinary expenses for pet and foster rabbits in need. (People who adopt rabbits from Rabbit Advocates also get one free bag of BBB. Just ask your foster parent to contact your nearest hay seller when you adopt.)

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